Strength Candle

Strength Candle

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"My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word." --Psalm 119:28. This luxury candle was handwrought to create a reassuring experience. With bold notes of amber and hints of almond, it reminds you of your ability to overcome. This candle comes with ten verses about Strength that can be retrieved when you use your cellular device to scan the "Holy" code which can be found on the back of it.

  • No dyes
  • No chemicals
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Clean burning
  • Less soot

Each lux candle is commingled with soy and coconut wax, which births a creamy consistency and a sweeter, long-lasting aroma. It is recommended that you trim the wick before burning, and that you never leave your candle unattended. Pre-Order now and receive a complimentary sack filled with magnesium sulfate, for health and medical purposes. --HC&C.


The Strength Candle is so fragrant! Within 5 minutes of burning the whole room is filled with a tantilizing scent!

Denisia M.

The candles offered by Holy Candle & Co. smell amazing! You're not just lighting a candle here. Instead, you're filling your home with a true aromatic experience. The notes that are given off from the candles really take you to an entirely difference place, which speaks to the quality of the ingredients being used to produce the overall scent. You won't be disappointed!

Derek B.